3 More Myths About Natural Gas

Dec 3, 2021 | Natural Gas Facts

You’ve possibly perceived many myths about natural gas, and you are wondering if it is safe to use it. There are so many facts that make this fuel the best alternative. It has advantages such as being a reliable energy source and clean for human health and the planet, partly because it can be cooled to liquefied natural gas for easy shipping.

What are some more myths about natural gas?

It is vital to verify every piece of information you hear about natural gas because myths may discourage its application. The truth is, this fuel is becoming an energy source that many people use. It is environmentally friendly with fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Being non-toxic makes it safe for many applications.

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Here are three myths about natural gas; 

  1. Natural gas is a bridge to nowhere
  2. Natural gas is toxic
  3. You can only use natural gas for cooking

1) Natural gas is a bridge to nowhere

Natural gas being a bridge to nowhere is just a gas myth. The truth is, it is versatile and abundant to meet the energy demands that are growing globally. That makes it easy to partner with renewable energy sources such as solar and wind to meet people’s energy supply needs.

2) Natural gas is toxic

Natural gas is non-toxic. Compared to coal, natural gas is a clean-burning hydrocarbon with less carbon dioxide emissions. There is the ability to reduce carbon dioxide emissions that increase air quality using natural gas instead of coal. Gas companies like sapphire gas offer liquefied natural gas, which is quickly and safely shipped worldwide.

3) You can only use natural gas for cooking

The gas can be used for many applications apart from just cooking. It not only gives warmth for cooking and heating but also fuels power generation that offers electricity. The energy efficiency of natural gas makes it useful in businesses and homes. It has numerous applications in industrial processes such as in plastic and paints production.

Sapphire Gas is Moving Forward

Myths about natural gas should not stop you from using it. Gas production is growing, and its application in industrial processes is increasing. Sapphire gas company is working tirelessly to supply the growing need for oil and gas. The hydraulic fracturing process, a gas drilling method, extracts more petroleum for oil and industry usage.

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