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Drawing from our years of LNG and CNG transportation for virtual pipeline and oilfield fueling services, Sapphire is a frontrunner for exceptional fleet services. Our comprehensive solutions will ensure the safe delivery and handling of our natural gas resources. Discover our range of mounted storage vessels, pull trailers, and pressure reduction skids readily available for your benefit.

LNG Fleets

LNG Transport

  • LNG Transports 10,000 gal (830mcf)

Queen Storage

  • Queen Storage 13,300 LNG Gal (1100 mcf) 115 psi delivery
  • Queen Regas 13,520 LNG gal, 115psi delivery with up to 32mcfh on-board electric vaporization

Skid Mounted Storage

  • Skidded Vessels up to 15,500 LNG gal


  • Ambient Vaporizers up to 150mcfh
  • Heated Vaporizers up to 625mcfh
  • High-Pressure Vaporizers up to 500mcfh & 1440psi delivery

CNG Fleets

Farm Taps

  • Farm Traps – 2.5mcf skids with pressure regulation

CNG Bumper Pull

  • 14′ Bumper Pull Trailer – 46mcf with pressure regulation

CNG Composite Trailer

  • Composite 20′ Trailer – 120-140mcf
  • Composite 40′ Trailer – 364mcf
  • Composite 45′ Trailer – 549mcf

Pressure Reduction Skids

  • Pressure Reduction Skids up to 500mcfh

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Our alternative fuel source was designed to pave the way to cleaner skies in locations where natural gas pipelines are inaccessible. Connect with our team for more information.

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