What is Construction Aggregate?

Jul 16, 2021 | Asphalt Production

You’ve never been to a construction site, and you are wondering, “What is a construction aggregate?” Many people in the construction industry tend to overlook what aggregates are and how they are helpful. The production of aggregates dates back to the Roman Empire but has proved beneficial in the modern world’s construction industry.

So, what is a construction aggregate? Aggregates are materials used to stabilize and reinforce foundations for bridges, roads, and buildings. They are essential materials in the construction industry, making up 80 percent of a concrete mix and over 90 percent of asphalt pavement. Almost all states produce aggregates.

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Here are the facts you should know about construction aggregates.

What is Aggregate Material 

Aggregate materials get produced from natural sources like quarries. The raw materials for aggregates can be gravel, sand, or crushed stone. You can use them with a binding medium like cement, water, and asphalt to make cement concrete or asphalt concrete. In 2018, 75 percent of the 1.4 billion tons of crushed stone got used in construction.

Types of Aggregates

There are various categories of aggregates, including gravel, sand, and crushed stone.

  • Crushed Stone: This type of aggregate gets produced by breaking down large rocks into smaller pieces using machines. You can use crushed stone to build paths and walkways. Some crushed stones are aesthetically attractive. 
  • Gravel: This is a tough-wearing material consisting of small pounded or water-worn stones. Gravel can form naturally in streams and riverbeds or crushed from large rocks to form irregular-shaped fragments.
  • Sand: Sand comprises silicon dioxide, which is in the form of quartz. It has many uses in the construction industry. You can use it in landscaping, brick manufacturing, water filtration, and as a concrete component.

How it’s Used

Besides being used to lay building blocks during construction, aggregates have several uses in our daily lives. It plays a vital role in the manufacture of plastic and glass. Quartz in aggregate provides silica for computer parts. On the other hand, limestone offers calcium carbonate for antacids. You can also use aggregates in water filtration systems.

How Sapphire Fits in

Many companies that mine aggregates use natural gas as the energy source to extract the raw materials from the earth’s crust. That’s where Sapphire Gas Solution comes in to help. We are one of the most reputable natural gas suppliers in the construction industry. We ensure the safe delivery of natural gas to all the construction sites.

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