Industries We Serve

Sapphire Gas Solutions is your single source for all mobile and off-pipe applications

Along with onsite storage/vaporization equipment, procurement, transportation logistics, and supply management solutions, Sapphire is committed to providing solutions to those who may not have access to natural gas pipelines.

Take advantage of the economic & environmental benefits of our natural gas supply solutions for your industrial applications.

Solutions for Pipeline & Utilities

Turnkey solutions to ensure the integrity of virtual pipelines, temporary gas supply, and long-term operation.

Solutions for Asphalt & Aggregates

LNG and CNG gas supply for main burner applications, hot oil heaters, process heating applications, and power generation.

Solutions for Commercial & Industrial Systems

Natural gas solutions catered to various commercial and industrial applications across the United States.

Solutions for Power Generation

Cost-effective and reliable primary or backup gas supply temporary or permanent power generation needs

Solutions for Mining

Robust LNG and CNG supply for mining customers throughout the United States.

Solutions for Fleets

Bespoke fueling station design and construction for fleet users to reduce cost and emissions versus traditional liquid fuels.

Complete Turnkey Natural Gas Solutions

Sapphire is your source for dependable clean burning natural gas supply. Contact our team to find a solution to meet your requirements.