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Sapphire Gas Solutions is your single fuel source for all of your mobile and off-pipe applications. Along with onsite storage/vaporization equipment, procurement, transportation logistics, and supply management services, Sapphire is committed to providing excellent fuel to those who may not have access to natural gas pipelines.

Our solutions include LNG and CNG fueling for utilities and LDC’s, asphalt and aggregate production facilities, pipeline integrity projects for pipeline operators, winter peak shaving operations for capacity or pressure issues, and supplemental gas supply for commercial or industrial customers, including electric generation plants.

We offer solutions to our customer’s fueling needs, nothing less.

Take advantage of the economic & environmental benefits of our natural gas fuel solutions for your industrial applications.

Solutions forPipeline & Utilities

Turnkey solutions to ensure the integrity of virtual pipelines, temporary gas supply, and long term operation

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Solutions forAsphalt & Aggregates

Premier liquified natural gas (LNG) fueling systems for industrial drying and process heating applications

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Solutions forPower Generation

Cost-effective and portable power services readily available for oil and gas operators around the world

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Solutions forMining

Customized liquified natural gas (LNG) fueling systems for mining customers across the United States

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Solutions forIndustrial Systems

Natural gas solutions catered for commercial and industrial applications across the United States

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Solutions forOil & Gas Applications

Excellent fuel alternatives for drilling rigs and pressure pumping fleets across North America

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Complete Mobile
Turnkey Solutions

Sapphire is your source for premier burner fuel, designed to replace hazardous waste oil and diesel. Get in touch with our team to find a solution to meet your requirements.

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