Natural Gas for Utility & Pipeline Applications

Pipeline & Utilities

Sapphire Gas Solutions provides the most comprehensive natural gas fueling solutions in North America. Our solutions include LNG and CNG fueling for utilities and LDC’s, pipeline integrity projects for pipeline operators, winter peak shaving operations for pipeline capacity or pressure issues, and supplemental gas supply for commercial or industrial customers, including electric generation plants. Compared to traditional pipeline services, our off-pipe applications provide unmatched access, especially during times of:

  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Smart Pig / ILI
  • New Pipeline Construction
  • Initial Pipeline Startup
  • Winter Peak Shaving
  • Supplemental Gas (Non-Core) Access
  • Emergency Access During Line Strikes
  • Natural Disaster Assistance

Custom-DesignedSupply Systems

  • Designed to meet your specific space requirements
  • Mobile or stationary LNG supply systems with horizontal or vertical cryogenic storage tanks and vaporizers of various sizes to fit any operational footprint
  • Turn-key systems that cover the complete value chain of fuel supply and management

ExceptionalManagement Services

  • Refueling entirely managed by Sapphire logistics team
  • Telemetry based system controls for continual access to data

Remote Monitoring

Guarantee uninterrupted fuel supply with 24/7 access to your controls

On-Site Maintenance

Receive personal service and support with onsite assistance from our team

Custom Reporting

Keep track of performance analytics to ensure efficient fuel consumption

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We can assist during any pipeline disruption to ensure that your customers are supplied safe, reliable natural gas. Take advantage of our 100% turn-key solutions today.

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