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Scalable Virtual Pipeline Operations Where You Are Today and Tomorrow

Sapphire Gas Solutions provides a suite of turnkey solutions that provide our clients with uninterrupted liquefied, compressed and renewable natural gas supply they need.

Our decades of expertise, rapid mobilization capability, and the industry’s leading equipment and technology make Sapphire your go-to energy provider for CNG, RNG, and LNG.

Natural Gas Solutions. Delivered.

Energy Management

Turnkey energy systems–designed, engineered, and built to your needs. Sapphire can be your primary gas supply source, or backup source for unplanned outages or peak demand days.

Infrastructure Management

Sapphire’s virtual pipeline solutions support pipeline resiliency, pipeline integrity management, and peak natural gas demand needs. Whatever the volume, whatever the duration, Sapphire has a solution to keep the gas flowing. 

Fleet Fueling

Permanent onsite fueling center design and construction as well as mobile CNG, RNG, and LNG fueling solutions for on-road and off-road applications.

Cross Compression

Leading the industry in Cross Compression and methane capture for pipeline sections measuring a few yards to dozens of miles. Reduce or eliminate emissions released to the atmosphere with Sapphire’s fully redundant mobile compression which can be mobilized in hours, not days.

About Sapphire Gas Solutions

Sapphire Gas Solutions has a long history of natural gas industry involvement. In the beginning, supporting pipeline infrastructure made way for us to become a leader in virtual natural gas supply when traditional pipeline infrastructure is constrained, or non-existent.  Our focus on energy transition through natural gas has resulted in our development of many low-emissions natural gas supply and energy offerings.

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Sapphire’s commitment to safety is a core value and the focus of everything we do.