El Paso Hospital: Case Study

Nov 6, 2020 | Case Studies

As a supreme provider of natural gas, it is our continual goal to serve each of our customers in the best way possible. When problems arise, the team at Sapphire Gas Solutions is committed to identifying the root cause and establishing a customized solution for your specific application. Learn more by getting an inside look into our latest LNG system installation at the El Paso Hospital. 

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Background Details

The utility company had to perform a pressure test on the system as part of routine integrity testing, while also conducting some critical infrastructure upgrades to ensure sufficient pipeline supply to a growing commercial & residential area of the city.

In order to do this, the utility was forced to shut in the single feed supply to the hospital, which relied heavily on natural gas to perform critical care functions for its patience. The hospital utilizes natural gas supply for several operational functions, including heating water for patient showers, food preparation & cooking, and most importantly sanitation services.

The hospital complex was solely dependent on Sapphire’s mobile LNG Virtual Pipeline services for approximately 48 hours and experienced an uninterruptible supply of mobile natural gas to support full hospital functionality!

  • Insufficient fuel supply
  • Interruptions in hospital functions
  • Extended downtime
  • No interruptions in fuel supply
  • Expanded capabilities for growing needs
  • Reduced downtime
  • Decreased emissions
Medical Complex Flow Rate:
  • 40-130 MCF/Hr
  • 1,250MCF/Day

Your Source for Natural Gas

When a business or large facility doesn’t have reliable access to a fuel supply, their operational processes can be put in jeopardy. Keep your business running long term with the off-pipe solutions of LNG and CNG infrastructure systems, designed to make sure your fuel supply remains constant and available.

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