What is Energy Transition?

Oct 1, 2021 | Environmental Impact

You desire sustainable development for your business, but you are wondering, “What is energy transition?” It is the shifting from nonrenewable forms of energy such as natural gas, coal, and oil to renewable energy sources, e.g., wind and solar. Global energy sectors have transitioned from fossil-based energy production and consumption to energy sources that produce limited or zero carbon emissions.

Advancement in technology and the desire for sustainability have made energy transition possible. Businesses are embracing energy transition, which is the switching from the energy sources that causes greenhouse gases emission to clean energy sources. In other words, it is the change from nonrenewable energy to renewable energy by the global energy sectors.  

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Now, let’s look at what energy transition is all about.

Fossil Fuels to Renewables

Fossil fuels allow carbon emission into the atmosphere, which causes global warming. To mitigate the risk of climate change resulting from greenhouse gas emissions, we should shift to clean energy sources. 

Additionally, fossil fuels are not sustainable and quickly get depleted. Thankfully, renewable energy sources are cost-efficient and energy-efficient; hence, businesses should adapt to the energy transition.

Renewable Options

Renewable options like wind and solar provide energy efficiency that sustains development. Energy sectors keep on growing due to the cost-effectiveness of renewable energy sources. The International Energy Agency predicts the total power capacity of renewables to accelerate by fifty percent within five years. In response,  companies have rapidly shifted away from coal and are embracing wind power. 

Sustainable Energy in the Future

Power generation from renewable energy sources promotes a sustainable future. The technological advancements that improve energy efficiency have led to the development of electric vehicles for a better future. 

Sustainability and environmental protection should be our top concerns to protect the future of our planet. So, Investors and businesses should maximize the benefits of sustainable energy. 

Sapphire Gas Solutions

People do ask, what is energy transition? From the discussion, it is clear that energy transition is vital. The good news is that it provides economic development and social development, improves air quality, mitigates climate change risks, and protects the environment. Thankfully, Sapphire Gas Solutions provide you with the best liquefied natural gas, compressed natural gas, and virtual pipeline service.

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