Natural Gas: The Top Fuel Alternative

Oct 30, 2020 | Fuel Comparisons

Between unstable international relations and a global pandemic that affected nearly every energy sector, 2020 has been a year unlike any other. For businesses in North America, having a reliable fuel source is crucial to stabilizing our economy. As a fuel for power generation or heating, natural gas continues to be a frontrunner in the fight for both clean and cost-efficient energy. Learn more about the benefits of natural gas from our experts.

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Did you know that North America is one of the top regions for natural gas production? While both oil and natural gas have seen drops in production, having domestic access to shale oil has helped keep natural gas prices balanced in our country. From improving the economy to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the long-term use of natural gas should be a major priority for US companies.

Improves the Economy

Because natural gas provides nearly a fourth of North America’s energy, it has the potential to affect our national economy in a positive way. At a base level, the natural gas industry supports nearly 9.8 million jobs or 5.6 percent of employment in the United States. 

On a broader scale, natural gas is the main source of electricity and heating for a number of industries including mining, manufacturing plants, and industrial processes. While production and supply for these industries have waned due to nationwide shutdowns, gas development will continue to be a major facet of our economy.

Reduces Greenhouse Emissions

As companies continue to realize the impact of fuel emissions on the environment, the desire for clean energy will remain a top priority. Renewable energy sources such as solar or wind rely on the weather, which is unpredictable. Natural gas, however, is a much more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative. Compared to fossil fuels such as coal or propane, natural gas emits up to 30% fewer greenhouse gases and reduces the amount of heavy particulate matter in the atmosphere.

Outperforms Other Fossil Fuels

For many industries, the conventional use of diesel, propane, or even electric power continues without much consideration as to their efficiency or performance. Compared to diesel engines, liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel systems don’t require special systems or particular filters that need maintenance. While electric power is becoming increasingly popular, its overall performance falls short when compared to the reliable storage and efficiency of natural gas. 

While fossil fuels such as coal or crude oil are found overseas and supply can fluctuate based on international situations, most of the natural gas production is found in the United States and Canada. In addition to the natural gas reserves yet to be unearthed, it’s safe to assume that natural gas is a fuel source our country will have available for many years to come.

Best Fuel Source for Your Applications

While there are many different fuel sources available, natural gas continues to far outweigh the competitors. From employing millions of Americans to helping reduce air pollution, it’s time to consider natural gas for your specific industry. Our infrastructure design and ongoing management systems will keep your processes running uninterrupted at a fraction of the price of conventional fuels.

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