Using Natural Gas as an Energy Source in Mining

May 28, 2021 | Mining

Many companies in the mining industry use natural gas as an energy source to extract valuable resources from the earth’s crust. As the energy demand in the mining sectors continues to grow, miners are looking for ways to leverage the production costs. They also have to select an environmentally friendlier energy source to limit emissions.

The good news is that natural gas has proven to be one of the most reliable, safe, and eco-friendly energy sources in the mining sector. It is more readily available and more affordable than electricity. Most mining companies have made more profits and reduced their production costs by switching from electricity to natural gas.

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More Economically Friendly

Mines that rely on electricity tend to use more money during mining when additional fees like network charges increase overall costs. All is not lost since natural gas is cheaper and can seamlessly replace electricity during mining. A plausible explanation for why natural gas is more affordable is that its production in the U.S. has increased. 

Main Issues to Overcome

One of the issues that natural gas is likely to address is reliability. Most energy sources, such as electricity, can be very unreliable during bad weather and natural calamities. Since natural gas is readily available in the United States, its supply is very consistent. Utility companies can continuously supply the gas to the mines through pipelines.

Possible Long Term Solution

It’s no doubt that using electricity in mines can sometimes be cheap. However, power outages can halt the production process, calling for a more reliable energy source. The good news is that natural gas is readily available and can meet the growing demand for a reliable energy source in mines. In other words, it offers a long-term energy solution.

Natural Gas as an Energy Source

Natural gas is one of the clean-burning fuels as it emits about half the carbon dioxide coal produces when burnt to generate electricity. That makes it the number one choice for mining companies that use natural gas as an energy source. For that reason, there is a need to boost the natural gas supply to meet its growing demand in the mining sector.

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