3 Myths About Natural Gas

Dec 4, 2020 | Natural Gas Facts

As clean energy sources like wind increase in popularity, natural gas has been systematically demonized. Myths abound regarding the true properties of natural gas. People argue that natural gas is harmful to our health and environment, basing their argument on unsupported information and sources.

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Natural Gas: Fact vs. Fiction

Despite what you may have heard, natural gas is still a remarkably clean energy choice for most industries. Better yet, it’s available more reliably and at a lower cost than electricity in some locations. Natural gas doesn’t deserve its bad reputation. These myths have done more harm than good in the long run:

  1. Natural gas pollutes the atmosphere
  2. Natural gas always harms the local environment
  3. Alternative energy sources provide enough power

1) Natural Gas Pollutes the Atmosphere

Most people do not know that while burning natural gas produces carbon dioxide, the amount produced is only half of what a coal-based power plant emits during combustion. While not perfect, it’s a significant improvement over burning coal. Environmentally-minded business owners with little access to power can rest assured that using natural gas as fuel significantly reduces their environmental impact.

2) Natural Gas Always Harms the Local Environment

This argument is based on fracking, the process through which natural gas is extracted. High-pressure liquid is injected deep into the earth to force out natural gas trapped in stone. As potentially dangerous as this process sounds, with the proper precautions, fracking can be very safe. Properly sealing pipes and fracking equipment prevents the liquid used from leaking out. And as stated earlier, burning natural gas puts far less pollution into the air than other combustible fuels, further reducing your carbon footprint.

3) Alternative Energy Sources Provide Enough Power

Alternative energy sources come with an inherent problem: they depend on uncontrollable conditions to work. Wind turbines stop when the wind does, solar batteries can’t charge at night, and water power stops if the water level drops too low. For most businesses, these alternative energy sources are simply not feasible. Natural gas provides a 24/7 source of power regardless of weather conditions.

A Feasible Solution

Natural gas is safe and largely environmentally friendly. Besides, you’ll never run out of gas when supplied through underground pipes. You’ll enjoy the convenience that natural gas brings to your business and never have to worry about running out of power.

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