Natural Gas: The Transition Fuel

Feb 26, 2021 | Environmental Impact, Natural Gas Facts

An increasingly environmentally conscious world is trying to gradually phase out fossil fuels. However, alternative energy sources like wind or solar can’t provide enough power for everyone yet. Companies still need fuel in the meantime. And for many companies, that means turning to natural gas as a transition fuel.

As a clean-burning fuel, natural gas provides an excellent amount of energy while outputting minimal pollution. Many experts agree that it’s an excellent fuel for companies to use to reduce their environmental impact while waiting for alternative energy sources to catch up. Let’s look at why this is the case.

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Burning Natural Gas vs. Other Fossil Fuels

You may be worried about whether burning natural gas is any better than burning other fossil fuels. The truth is, it is much safer burning natural gas than it is burning conventional fuels like coal and oil. Natural gas produces 50-60% less CO2 than coal when burned. If your business has to choose between natural gas and other fossil fuels, it will be wiser to settle for natural gas.

Planning for the Long-Term

If the United States trends are anything to go by, then natural gas has a bright future. The environmental impact of the gas itself is minimal, and proper precautions will keep emissions during mining as low as possible. The gas also retails at a lower price than other electricity generation options. In short, natural gas is an affordable, environmentally friendly fuel for any business that can’t transition to solar yet. Why not give it a try?

An Environmentally Friendly Fuel

Arguably, no fuel source will be perfect. But businesses can make the best of what’s available to them right now. And for a growing number of industrial centers, that means switching to natural gas to keep the lights on without harming the local environment.

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