How is CNG a Clean Fuel?

Aug 13, 2021 | Compressed Natural Gas

Having less environmentally harmful properties makes compressed natural gas a clean fuel. People use it for cooking, electricity generation, and manufacturing chemicals and fertilizers. CNG is compressed under high pressure in the underground compressor to make it a fuel.

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a clean fuel because the fuel naturally occurs.  It contains low amounts of nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide, which makes it environmentally friendly. As a result, it reduces the cases of respiratory problems and asthma attacks.

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CO2 Emissions

The compressed natural gas does not emit pollutants when burning. It reduces carbon monoxide emissions by up to 97 percent. A single CNG-powered vehicle equates to removing 325 cars using petrol or diesel from the road. Countries that use CNG gas as the primary fuel have a few cases of respiratory problems.

Cost of Use

CNG from natural gas fueling stations is cheaper than diesel and gasoline. Its price could be half the price of a gallon of gasoline or diesel because it’s compressed natural gas. Natural gas is abundant, and the compression process is not complicated. This is unlike petrol and diesel, made from a mixture of mined ingredients. 

Other Benefits of CNG 

Besides being cheap and environmentally friendly, vehicles that run on CNG have a 10-12 years lifespan. This ensures a lower maintenance cost on the machines.

CNG is sustainable because its main component is methane, a gas from biological waste. It is also safe and less flammable than carbon fuels because of how it’s stored. The CNG cylinders consist of carbon fiber reinforced strong material.

CNG is a cleaner fuel because it contains a meager percentage of nitrogen oxide, which contaminates motor oil. This ensures low maintenance of your car because the oil causes fewer damages.

Sapphire Gas Renewable Natural Gas

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