Methane Capture

Sizable ESG Benefits, Material Financial Impact, & Preservation of the Commodity

Sapphire’s fleet of mobile natural gas compressors capture methane during pipeline maintenance events, reducing or eliminating methane emissions due to venting or flaring. This solution provides real sustainability benefits for our customers.

Sapphire can preserve the commodity during planned or unplanned maintenance on a section of pipe, safely bringing pipeline pressure down while lowering the environmental costs of flaring or venting directly into the atmosphere. 

Cross Compression from Sapphire

Sapphire can offer pipeline evacuation compression on large and small pipeline sections many miles in length. Our fleet of natural gas fired compressors eliminate the need for portable power generation onsite during the project.

Sapphire’s proven ability to reduce pipeline pressure from normal operating pressure to as low as 1 psig is an industry leading solution.

Solutions Delivered. Wherever You Are.

Sapphire can offer cross compression and methane capture throughout the United States. You can rely on Sapphire Gas Solutions for methane capture and cross compression no matter where you are, with mobilization times counted in hours, not days.