Switch to LNG and CNG for Asphalt Production

Jan 29, 2021 | Asphalt Production, Compressed Natural Gas, Liquid Natural Gas

A growing number of asphalt manufacturers are using natural gas for asphalt production to save on costs. This helps to minimize production costs without compromising the quality of work, workers’ safety, and environmental regulations. The manufacturers can use either liquefied natural gas (LNG) or compressed natural gas (CNG).

Asphalt production is a lengthy process that involves a lot of paving and cutting, translating into more energy consumption. To save on energy costs, asphalt manufacturers have shifted their focus to CNG and LNG. They consider the two forms of natural gas more sustainable and stable in terms of prices.

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Keeping Asphalt Production Clean

To keep asphalt production clean, you need to use a clean energy source. An excellent example is liquefied natural gas. As the cleanest burning fossil fuel, LNG is more sustainable than other fuels. It is the simplest hydrocarbon with only one carbon atom. Consequently, it burns clean and is also safe for asphalt production.

Advantages of CNG for Asphalt Production

Compressed natural gas is a low-cost, clean-burning fuel that you can use in the place of gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, or diesel fuel. It can complement natural gas during peak winters and summers when the demand for natural gas for cooling and heating is high. CNG’s primary constituent is methane, but it also contains gases such as ethane, propane, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and helium. 

Benefits of LNG for Asphalt Production

LNG is remarkably environmentally friendly. It doesn’t emit dust, soot, or fumes when burned. Better yet, if LNG is accidentally spilled, it quickly evaporates and rises high into the atmosphere where it poses no breathing risk to workers below. Obviously these spills should be avoided, but no one is in immediate danger when they do occur.

Streamline the Manufacturing Process

The burgeoning use of natural gas for asphalt production has increased the demand for LNG and CNG. Both forms of natural gas have long-term benefits that make them perfect for asphalt production. The gases can help you save on energy costs. At Sapphire Gas Solutions, we provide both LNG and CNG fueling systems for asphalt production.

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