What is a Virtual Pipeline System?

Jul 2, 2021 | Compressed Natural Gas

A virtual pipeline system connects gas suppliers with consumers. The technology allows the distribution of natural gas to different consumers through the road. What sets virtual pipelines apart from other distribution methods is that gas gets supplied at the pressure levels and conditions specified by end consumers. So, what is a virtual pipeline system?

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If natural gas consumers operate in remote locations far from physical pipelines, gas suppliers can distribute the natural gas using these systems. They will supply natural gas in its liquid state using cryogenic containers and tanks.

An Easier Way to Transport Natural Gas

Unlike other fuel distribution systems, virtual pipeline systems are more than road transportation. Both scalable and modular virtual pipelines can use trains, highways, and ships to supply fuel to the end-users. That makes the distribution system more flexible and cost-effective. Notably, trucks and ships can also get fueled by gas.

Transport to Remote Locations

Installation of conventional pipelines to locations with fewer consumers can be very challenging. Under such conditions, these systems will be the only workable method of gas distribution. With the help of these systems, people who live or operate in remote areas can access natural gas. 

Advantages Over Conventional Pipelines

Innovatively fixed-trailer transport systems allow suppliers to transport natural gas safely and economically to consumers without access to existing pipelines. These can be gas distribution networks, power generation systems, and refueling stations.

Here are the advantages of virtual gas pipelines over conventional pipelines.

  • Negates the need for consumers to connect to the national gas grids
  • Provides a reliable, consistent supply of an eco-friendly energy source
  • Allows consumers to fulfill their specific needs through customizable supply
  • Requires no capital outlay as consumers can lease gas supply equipment
  • Offers loading and unloading capabilities for direct connections in all stations

Sapphire Gas Pipeline Solutions

A virtual pipeline system plays a significant role in gas distribution to remote locations in North America. The systems can transport compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) to consumers in the distribution network. The good news is, Sapphire Gas Solutions can fulfill your pipeline needs.

Contact us for affordable and reliable virtual pipeline solutions at your doorstep.