4 Different Industrial Systems That Use Natural Gas

Aug 27, 2021 | Industrial Systems

If you rely on natural gas, you probably have heard of the different industrial systems that use natural gas. It ranks second in the most used sources of energy, after electricity. Most industries use this gas as it emits less harmful products when it burns than other fossil fuels. This guide explores the different industrial systems that use natural gas.

What kind of industrial systems use natural gas? 

Natural gas is used in industries to fuel the heating in combined heat and power systems. The gas generates electricity in power plants. The transportation sector uses it as a fuel for the compressors that transport the gas through the pipeline. Other industries that use natural gas are:

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  1. Infrared Heating Units
  2. Industrial Co-firing
  3. Direct Contact Water Heaters
  4. Industrial Combined Heat and Power

1) Infrared Heating Units

The use of natural gas aids heat generation in infrared heating units. The gas gets combined with ceramic fibers and platinum catalysts. It causes a reaction with oxygen that causes a drastic increase in temperature. Fast combustion is an ideal economical alternative to electricity use, and it is also a quicker way for the manufacturing process.

2) Industrial Co-firing

Industries use natural gas to combust other fuels like coal and wood. So, for example, instead of boiling water using wood alone, you can add the gas to the combustion mix. That reduces the harmful substances that would get produced by burning wood alone.

Co-firing also plays a role in energy efficiency. When added to the burning wood, combustion increases, and the wood can burn completely. That reduces the time taken to boil water and harmful emissions. 

3) Direct Contact Water Heaters

Direct water heaters are very efficient for heating water. This method is unique because the energy from the combusting natural gas is taken directly into the water. This method is also very energy efficient hence less cost in the industry. 

4) Industrial Combined Heat and Power

Industries that use combined heat and power systems can generate their electricity. In addition, the by-products of the process get utilized in other industrial applications, like water heating.

As a result, that helps industries save the money they would have used to buy electricity and other fuels. The gas is also environmentally friendly because it burns to produce less harmful emissions.

Sapphire Gas in Industrial Systems

Today, different industrial systems use natural gas. This continuing growth is because the gas is less harmful, clean to use, and an excellent cheap alternative to electricity. To buy affordable natural gas, choose a reliable company like Sapphire Gas Solutions. Our natural gas supply never runs out to keep your industrial systems running.

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