4 Reasons Natural Gas is a Remarkably Safe Energy Source

Mar 5, 2021 | Natural Gas Facts

Many homes and industries consider natural gas safe due to countless benefits over other fossil fuels that produce more greenhouse gases. Natural gas can be an efficient and reliable power source to consumers when used correctly. However, natural gas is highly flammable and can cause potential fires or explosions if it leaks.

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Natural Gas Safety Considerations

Safety should always be the number one priority for any individual handling natural gas, whether consumers or suppliers. To ensure natural gas safety, you need to understand all the safety measures. For instance, you should know what to do when you smell the natural gas as that is a sign of a gas leak. Here are the reasons natural gas is one of the safest energy sources. 

  1. Drastically lowered emissions from mining
  2. Non-toxic gas
  3. Vaporizes quickly when spilled
  4. Treated for additional safety

1) Drastically Lowered Emissions from Mining

As one of the cleanest fossil fuels, natural gas use is widespread in the mining industry. It releases 45 percent fewer carbon emissions than other fossil fuels like oil and coal. Natural gas does not produce waste products, like coal ash. When getting mined from the reserves, natural gas will produce fewer emissions into the atmosphere, making it safe.

2) Non-Toxic Gas

Natural gas is a non-poisonous energy source. However, it can cause suffocation and death if inhaled in a confined place without air. As the natural gas concentration in the air increases, one will experience the effects mentioned below. In the event of a gas emergency immediately call 911.

  • At 30 percent gas, the victim will experience euphoria and ringing ears
  • At 50 percent gas, the victim will take a few breaths and become immobilized 
  • At 75 percent gas, one will become incapacitated immediately and die in few minutes

3) Vaporizes Quickly When Spilled

If a natural gas leak occurs, the gas will disappear quickly into the atmosphere because it is lighter than air. If the gas escapes from leaking fittings or a forgotten burner, it will rise. 

On the other hand, propane is denser than air and will settle at a lower level. This makes natural gas safer for use in homes.

4) Treated for Additional Safety

Natural gas can be odorized for additional safety. Since it’s odorless, gas utilities usually add mercaptan odorants, which have a ‘rotten egg’ smell. This helps most people detect the gas identity at one percent in the air. Odorization of natural gas is a requirement by the US Department of Transportation.

Switch to a Stable Fuel Source

Though there are some dangers to natural gas, you have nothing to worry about. It’s a reliable and efficient energy source that is packaged with many safety precautions. If you are experiencing problems with your natural gas lines, contact a reputable utility to fix it.

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