Power Lines Down? Natural Gas to the Rescue

Dec 11, 2020 | Natural Gas Facts, Power Generation

As businesses in rural areas know all too well, alternative power sources can only get you so far. Clean-burning fuel like natural gas provides a superior solution. Natural gas power generation plants work by burning natural gas as fuel to generate electricity for a cost-effective, always-available power solution.

In this age where we depend on electricity for running almost anything, we must have alternative sources to keep us running. When power lines are down, you cannot afford to remain disconnected for who knows how long. Natural gas is a cost-effective option you can consider to counter normal electric power failure.

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Why Natural Gas?

Natural gas is an ideal power option to consider for many reasons. First, it is very convenient in power generation. With it, you will never run out of fuel as it is very abundant. It is estimated to last up to 230 years if the global consumption rate remains the way it is today.

Second, natural gas is also a remarkably clean-burning fuel as it produces only half the carbon dioxide and a tenth of the air pollutants produced by burning coal. This helps reduce your business’s carbon footprint by a substantial amount.  

Finally, natural gas is also cheaper overall than coal. Setting up a natural gas power plant costs far less than a coal-dependent power generator, and the fuel itself costs less as well. You’ll save money in the long run with natural gas fuel.

Power Plants Built to Your Specifications

Different industries, and even different facilities within the same industry, have different requirements for using natural gas as fuel. At Sapphire Gas Solutions, we keep this in mind and ensure that your power plants are optimized specifically for you. Whether you prefer CNG or LNG, we’ll set up the equipment you need and keep you running long term.

We also offer a variety of other services to keep your lights on:

  • LNG and CNG fuel station setups
  • Mobile fueling solutions
  • Delivery to areas with no pipelines

Whatever you need, we can provide it to keep your business on the move.

Make the Switch Today!

At Sapphire Gas Solutions, we do everything possible to support your electric power needs in the best way possible. Our natural gas power generation services aim to ensure you get consistent electricity generation without worrying about power failure.

Contact us now to learn more benefits of using natural gas.