Why Natural Gas and Alternative Energy Should Be Used Together

Mar 26, 2021 | Environmental Impact, Natural Gas Facts

With wind and solar being intermittent energy sources, many industries are increasingly relying on natural gas as a backup energy source. While solar and wind energy plays a crucial role in the development of renewable energy, it’s tricky to add them to the grid in larger volumes. Both energy sources keep fluctuating depending on the weather.

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Solar energy tends to fluctuate with weather and daily cycles, while wind energy with wind speed. Although they lack greenhouse gas emissions, there’s a need for continuous power generation to provide electricity when both solar and wind energy is low. Natural gas can complement both solar and wind energies best.

Let’s find out why natural gas is pivotal to sustainable energy development projects. 

Weaknesses of Wind and Solar

The effectiveness of wind-driven turbines and solar-powered panels to generate power depends on weather conditions. For that reason, it can be quite tricky to predict the amount of electricity the two energy sources will produce over time.

If the wind speed is low or there’s no sunlight, the turbines and panels won’t generate electricity. That means solar and wind energy may not provide adequate power supply during peak electricity demand, calling for natural gas to complement the supply.

The Versatility of Natural Gas

Natural gas provides a fast-acting backup to fill the solar and wind electricity gap when both renewables are not producing the electricity needed. Thankfully, the low cost and abundance of natural gas in the United States have hastened the gas’s adoption.

Natural gas is a relatively clean-burning fuel with fewer greenhouse gas emissions. It produces less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere compared to other fossil fuels. Due to gas’s versatility, you can use it in various applications, such as natural gas vehicles.

Natural gas can be in the following three forms to expand its applications.

  • Compressed natural gas (CNG)
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • Renewable natural gas (RNG) 

Combining the Energy Sources

Fast-reacting fossil fuels, like natural gas, and renewables, like wind and solar power, are highly complementary. Industries should install them to meet the increasing electricity demand and ensure a stable supply of energy. Natural gas plants can fire up quickly and reach a full power capacity within a few minutes.

It’s Time to Make the Switch

Natural gas is the best alternative energy source for wind and solar power. It’s time for industries to make the switch and invest in this cheapest, safest, and reliable energy source. You don’t have to focus on renewables at the expense of natural gas benefits.

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