Sapphire Gas Solutions has chosen BAUER Compressors and Host Energy to bring turnkey, end-to-end Biogas Upgrading Solutions to Market

Sep 15, 2022 | Energy Transition, News, Press Release

Sapphire Gas Solutions has chosen BAUER Compressors and Host Energy to bring turnkey, end-to-end Biogas Upgrading Solutions to Market

Conroe, TX, September 21, 2022 – Sapphire Gas Solutions (Sapphire), a Conroe, Texas-based natural gas solutions provider, announced that they have chosen BAUER Compressors and Host Energy to bring turnkey, end-to-end biogas upgrading solutions to market.

Sapphire’s recent acquisition of CLEANCOR (based in California), has catalyzed new capabilities through inherited technical expertise and strategic supplier partnerships like BAUER Compressors Inc and Host Energy. Partnering with top technology providers in the industry allows Sapphire to provide end-to-end biogas solutions from generating biogas in a digester to moving the gas to its final location via Sapphire’s extensive virtual pipeline capabilities.

Sapphire Gas Solutions is a turnkey virtual pipeline services company with a diverse fleet of mobile CNG, LNG, and recompression equipment. With a growing footprint in the Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) market, Sapphire provides logistics support from coast to coast by transporting RNG to market when pipeline infrastructure is unavailable or not near the renewable gas source. The decades of experience in natural gas service, transportation, engineering, procurement, and construction results in offering the most comprehensive range of natural gas / RNG energy management solutions in North America.

Sapphire’s new vertical capabilities, through both internal expertise and strategic partnerships, provide a comprehensive approach to developing complete biogas solutions for its clients. Sapphire can service, invest in, or own and operate strategic biogas facilities throughout North America. The Sapphire team’s commitment to quality, safety, and reliability is present in every client engagement, thus ensuring a successful project.

BAUER Compressors Inc. has been building biogas compressor systems for over 20 years, with hundreds of units installed in the field worldwide. BAUER’s new line of GRU Biogas Compressor Systems has been designed explicitly for raw biogas recovery and compression into biogas conditioning systems. At the heart of every BAUER GRU® is the legendary BAUER Rotorcomp® gas rotary screw compressor, world-renowned for exceptional durability and reliability. The BAUER GRU® biogas compressor systems are available in a wide range of sizes from 10 HP up to 750 HP (7.5-560 kW). BAUER also offers a higher-pressure version of the GRU system designed explicitly for pipeline injection at pressures up to 700 PSIG. In addition, Bauer offers a complete portfolio of CNG compressor solutions for virtual pipeline operations with pressures ranging from 3600 – 5000 PSIG.

Host Energy works with biogas upgrading specialist Bright for the supply of biogas upgrading systems and offers their well-proven systems from 40 nm3/hr to upgrade biogas to a methane-rich product known as biomethane or green gas. Host has developed a proven installation for the digestion of polluted organic waste currents, i.e., green waste or roadside grass. This concept is focused on digesting organic waste matter through a combination of container digestion and mixed liquid tanks.

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