Sapphire Announces Pipe to Pipe Compression Service Line with Successful Completion of Two Pipeline Evacuation Projects

Jun 9, 2022 | Press Release

Conroe, TX, June 13, 2022 – Sapphire Gas Solutions, a Conroe, Texas based natural gas solutions service provider, announced the rollout of their new Pipe to Pipe Compression service offering today.

“The creation and successful implementation of this new service offering is another milestone for Sapphire. Most importantly, it provides our current and future customers with another crucial service related to the Natural Gas integrity space,” said Sam Thigpen, CEO of Sapphire Gas Solutions.

Why are pipe to pipe compression and pipeline evacuation services important to Sapphire’s customers?

The ability for Sapphire to evacuate pipeline gas from the system and pull the system down to a pressure of 5 PSIG while moving volumes of up to 3 MMSCF (million standard cubic feet) of natural gas per compressor unit in 24 hours is industry-leading. This service prevents the release of methane to the atmosphere during planned or unplanned maintenance on a section of pipeline ranging in distances from yards to miles. The preservation of the molecule assists Sapphire’s customers in meeting their current and future ESG goals by lowering vented or flared methane emissions while preserving the commodity.

Sapphire’s compression team completed two successful Pipe to Pipe Compression projects in the last two weeks.

The first project was performed for a major energy infrastructure company in Illinois. Sapphire’s compressors moved 20 MMSCF in four days with two units along a 14-mile section of 32-inch pipe. The second project was an emergency call-out where Sapphire deployed its compressors and technicians in under 36 hours to the pipeline injection site for a significant natural gas distributor in Texas and moved 2.7 MMSCF in under 24 hours along a 42-mile section of 14-inch pipe.

Sapphire currently operates a fleet capable of moving volumes greater than 12 MMSCF per day and expanding the capability to 24 MMSCF per day by the end of July. All inquiries can be submitted via Sapphire’s contact us form found at this link:

About Sapphire Gas Solutions
Sapphire Gas Solutions provides compressed natural gas (CNG), renewable natural gas (RNG), and liquefied natural gas (LNG) solutions to industrial, utility, manufacturing, and other end-use applications across the United States.

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