Infrastructure Managment

Natural Gas Solutions that Strengthen the Nation

In the past decade, American natural gas consumption has increased by 30%. Production has increased as part of a nationwide push toward energy independence.

As demand increases, it strains supply and infrastructure, leading to outages, peak use costs, and more.

Sapphire can help. We offer virtual pipeline solutions to help bridge the gap between supply and demand.

Our customers include municipal power providers, industrial production facilities, interstate and intrastate pipeline operators, and natural gas utility companies  ensuring natural gas needs are met.

Infrastructure Management from Sapphire Gas Solutions

Pipeline Integrity Management

Planed or emergency repairs, maintenance, and supply shortages can leave communities and businesses without natural gas supply. Sapphire Gas Solutions can bridge the gap with an uninterruptable mobile gas supply preventing costly outages and downtime. 

Temporary Gas Supply Solutions

Sapphire’s diverse mobile equipment fleet  enables customers to start new gas solutions while permanent pipeline infrastructure is still under construction.

High Demand Natural Gas Peaking

Natural gas consumption peaks during weather related, which leads energy providers to curtail customers in some instances. Sapphire can supplement that peak supply demand with mobile natural gas supply and reduce, or eliminate, curtailments in high demand peaking events.